Some of our smart home installation projects are shown below. Read about what smart home systems we have installed and other details about our projects.

Smart home solutions refer to the integration of technology and automation systems within a household to enhance convenience, comfort, security, and energy efficiency.

Lost Society

Lost Society in Battersea is reclaiming its crown as South West London’s finest cocktail, dining and dancing venue – and Carbon Integration had the privilege of working on this project.

The owners wanted to create an ambient sound to full-fledged late-night parties with an easy transition between the two. We built a custom app interface for staff members to control volume levels in the bar and dining area as well as automatic lighting scenes that track the time of day.

We collaborated with Artcoustic, KNX and Anthem to use their technology to complement the property’s aesthetic vision without sacrificing performance.

South Kensington

This beautiful project was a true collaboration between design and technology.

The brief was two-fold; first to decide on the very best technology which was Control4, GIRA keypads, Sonance outdoor sound system, KNX lighting and heating control; second, to incorporate the technology into the fabrics on the home.

And so, the flat evolved and the technology was seamlessly blended in with a hidden Samsung TV and plaster-in multi-room speakers.

Virginia Water

Nestled amid Virginia Water’s peaceful scenery, the property is a testament to the seamless integration of tech innovation and luxurious comfort. The masterful work carried out by a skilled team brought forth a state-of-the-art home cinema room adorned with a commanding OLED screen, setting the stage for unparalleled visual immersion.

The installation of Control4 smart lighting systems has transformed the ambience at the touch of a button, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Utilising the intuitive Control4 remote and touchscreen, managing the lighting becomes an effortless experience, offering personalised control tailored to individual preferences.

Beyond the home cinema’s confines, multi-room audio solutions‘ integration spans the entirety of the estate, weaving a symphony of sound throughout each space. With Control4 touchscreens strategically placed, the power to orchestrate the audio landscape rests comfortably within the homeowner’s fingertips, allowing them to curate an audio journey that resonates throughout the property.

This meticulous integration of cutting-edge technology, with the seamless interfacing of Control4 systems, has elevated the living experience within this Virginia Water property to new heights, merging sophistication with ease of control and elevating the definition of modern luxury living.

South Buckinghamshire

Located in the heart of Buckinghamshire’s stunning scenery, a contemporary entertainment destination has been thoughtfully incorporated within a tranquil residential property. This project, meticulously curated by our skilled team, boasts installing a state-of-the-art OLED TV adorning the heart of the home with unparalleled visual brilliance.

Complementing this visual feast is a sophisticated 5.1 surround sound system that breathes life into every corner of the property. Immersive audio fills the space, creating a captivating symphony that envelops inhabitants.

The pinnacle of this technological marvel lies in its seamless integration. Harnessing the power of Control4, the entire entertainment ecosystem is unified under effortless control. From adjusting the volume levels to orchestrating synchronised audio throughout the property, the Control4 system offers a user-friendly interface that enhances the overall experience, effortlessly melding cutting-edge technology with the comfort of home.

This project in Buckinghamshire stands as a testament to the fusion of innovation and comfort, where the boundaries between entertainment and relaxation dissolve into a harmonious blend, elevating the essence of modern living to unparalleled heights.


Within the serene landscapes of Buckinghamshire lies a health club dedicated to elevating its members’ experiences through the seamless fusion of advanced technology. Collaborating with seasoned professionals, the club undertook a comprehensive technological transformation to redefine its offerings.

The installation of a sophisticated multi-room audio system stands as a pivotal enhancement. Carefully crafted to envelop every corner with captivating soundscapes, this system ensures personalised auditory experiences, fostering motivation and tranquillity throughout the establishment.

Complementing this audio innovation is a state-of-the-art video distribution system strategically placed across multiple screens within the club. From informative content to engaging fitness programs, this setup caters to diverse preferences, enhancing member engagement during their visits.

Recognising the significance of connectivity, a robust network infrastructure and Wi-Fi setup were implemented. This seamless connectivity empowers members to stay linked, access their preferred online resources, and enjoy high-speed internet access across the premises.

Prioritising safety, a comprehensive CCTV surveillance system was deployed, covering key areas to maintain a secure environment for patrons and staff.

Premium outdoor speakers were installed to extend the immersive experience beyond walls. These deliver exceptional audio quality and facilitate outdoor activities, classes, or events with superior sound coverage.

This Buckinghamshire-based health club is dedicated to providing an exceptional and comprehensive experience through the strategic integration of cutting-edge technology. The club’s commitment to innovation, safety, and member satisfaction resonates in its technologically advanced, secure, and inviting environment, promoting wellness and enjoyment for all who walk through its doors.

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