Carbon Integration is revolutionising home automation, bringing together smart technology and exquisite designs together to create a simple, easy-to-use modern home.

Today, Carbon Integration is a recognised market leader and helps homeowners, architects, designers, and high-end builders bring technology into their projects with a core focus on working with their client’s vision, needs, and resources in mind.

Carbon Integration

Our story

In 2010, bringing together his passion for AV and experience in providing bespoke solutions for high-end homes Indi founded Carbon Integration (formerly known as Smart Property Automation).

Indi saw how technology is often seen as complicated, messy, and unattainable, and through extensive research and testing, he was able to build key relationships with industry leaders within the design sector.

Soon after, Jeevan joined in 2016 and they were able to establish themselves as the go-to home technology company in London and Surrey.

Our team

Indi Chaggar
Indi Chaggar

Indi Chaggar

Managing director

Let me introduce you to Indi Chaggar, the humble founder of Carbon Integration. In 2010, he embarked on a journey, armed with a decade of experience in high-end residential projects and a deep-seated passion for AV technology, to create Carbon Integration. 

As the years rolled on, Indi found himself in the company of talented architects and interior designers, forging lasting partnerships that have significantly enriched our company’s offerings. These invaluable relationships have become the cornerstone of our work. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that seamlessly blend top-notch performance with the utmost attention to aesthetics. 

At Carbon Integration, we are dedicated to making your audio-visual dreams a reality, and we do so with a deep sense of gratitude for the trust you place in us. Our journey is one of continuous growth, and we look forward to walking it with you, hand in hand, to create beautifully integrated audio-visual solutions that cater to your unique needs.

Jeevan Chaggar
Jeevan Chaggar

Jeevan Chaggar

Technical director

Bringing a wealth of expertise in Building Management Systems (BMS), Audio-Visual (AV) technology, and control systems, Jeevan assumed the role of Technical Director at Carbon Integration in 2016. His journey with the company has been a remarkable one, marked by his commitment to delivering exemplary solutions to valued clients.

Before joining Carbon Integration, Jeevan had extensive experience in BMS, AV, and control systems. This diverse background has uniquely positioned him to play a pivotal role in the realisation of robust and innovative solutions for the company’s clientele.

Jeevan approaches each day with unwavering dedication, embracing the values of humility and teamwork. He firmly believes in the power of collaboration and is genuinely excited to continue working alongside the dynamic team at Carbon Integration to meet and exceed the expectations of clients. At Carbon Integration, the commitment to setting new industry standards remains paramount, and Jeevan is confident that, together with the team, they will achieve this and more.

Grateful for the trust and support of their clients, Jeevan eagerly anticipates the exciting challenges that the future holds. With the unwavering support of clients and the team’s dedication, Carbon Integration aims to continue making a lasting impact in the world of technical solutions with Jeevan at the helm.

Kabir Sagoo
Kabir Sagoo

Kabir Sagoo

Operations director

We are thrilled to introduce Kabir Sagoo as our new Operations Director, an invaluable addition to our dynamic team. Kabir brings a wealth of experience, having successfully owned and operated his own business for a decade. We are genuinely honoured to welcome him aboard in this pivotal role as we embark on an exciting journey to elevate our business to new heights.

Kabir’s extensive entrepreneurial background and seasoned expertise will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping our future. His astute business understanding and years of experience leading his own venture exemplify the depth of knowledge he brings to our organisation. It is with great humility and enthusiasm that we join forces with Kabir, fully recognising the rich tapestry of experiences he brings with him.

With Kabir on board, we are not only expanding our horizons but also setting a new benchmark for ourselves in the realm of business development. His presence signifies a collaborative approach to growth, and we are eager to learn from his successes and experiences while applying his insights to our own journey.

Together, we embark on this new chapter, humbly acknowledging Kabir’s expertise and with unwavering confidence in our collective ability to achieve unprecedented success. We eagerly anticipate the exciting ventures and milestones ahead, knowing that Kabir’s contributions will play a pivotal role in our shared success.

Carbon Integration brings together a team who are highly skilled, and provides fresh insights and thinking to uncover the next breakthrough that will help enhance our clients’ lives.

Our Google reviews

Tony Hursey
We were recommended Carbon Integration for our home cinema project & control 4. On-site, Jeevan has been a pleasure to deal with and his entire team works diligently to get the job done. Everything is left incredibly clean and presentable after work has been carried out. We had some initial back and forth around designs but I’m glad we listened to the team’s recommendations in the end. I’d highly recommend these guys!
David Francis
We had an existing Lutron lighting system that needed upgrading that was 10+ years old. Jeevan at Carbon came over after finding them on google to assess our current system. We were offered a couple of different options, a partial upgrade or a complete upgrade, and both options were excellently explained in terms even I could understand. We decided to go with the complete upgrade, great work guys. Smart lighting at it's best!
Chris Isaacson
Working with Carbon Integration has been a pleasure. They are all so accommodating and professional, offering brilliant advice and smart home maintenance. We have had work carried out by them since 2015 and carried on having small bits of work here and there, and they've always been at the end of a phone to help.
Liam Stockley
Our main contractor initially brought Carbon to advise on our project in Gerrards Cross. They installed a Control4 system to control the whole home. It is so nice not to have a million and one remotes to control different items and one system that can control them all. I highly recommend the guys over at Carbon; working with them has felt like a real collaboration from start to finish. Thanks, Indi!
Ambrosial London
I wasn't sure about all the work my husband wanted to have done on a media room, but I have to admit it was well worth it! Watching movies at home now is better than going to the cinema! Brilliant work, guys. Thanks so much.
Ben Jones
Smart installed a multi-room video and audio system for us. Excellent service and very professional from start to finish. Highly recommended.
Fiaz Iqbal
Amazing company, very helpful and friends, would highly recommend. The team installed a state of the art sound system in bar/restaurant and followed up with great aftercare when needed.
ARJM Trehan
Met Indy and Jeevan around 6 years ago by accident. Turned out to be fabulous! They totally changed our initial lighting plans for the better. Installed a Gira KNX system with some fancy light switches and app. The guys are fantastic and are always on hand with any issues or upgrades. I highly recommend them.
Hugh Villiers
Top people - Always busy so they can take time to get to your issue but once there it is solved. Highly recommended
Anthony Wrigley
Excellent Service from Smart Property Automation which is run by two brothers. They are extremely knowledgeable professional and reliable and always courteous and respond quickly. I would not hesitate to thoroughly recommend them and we've been using them for over 5 years now and they have an excellent track record with us. Anthony & Yai Wrigley

Our Process

Initial Call to Discuss

1. Consultation

Initiating Dialogue:

At Carbon Integration, we begin the home automation journey with a thorough conversation. We listen carefully to our client’s needs, preferences, and lifestyles to better understand how we can streamline daily tasks, enhance security, and create the perfect ambience for their home.

Thorough Evaluation:

Our team of expert home automation professionals conducts a detailed evaluation of the client’s property to determine the best solution for their needs. We analyse the existing infrastructure, taking into consideration the strengths and limitations of the property. This phase involves understanding a tailored solution’s unique architecture, layout, and technical requirements.

Brainstorming and Collaboration:

Collaboration is key at Carbon Integration. We work closely with our clients to brainstorm innovative ideas and solutions that align with their vision and budget. Combining their aspirations with our technical proficiency, we craft a blueprint that includes the latest sophisticated technologies while respecting the aesthetics and functionality desired by the client.

2. Specification

Tailored Design Proposal:

With insights from the consultation, our team develops a customised plan that outlines the recommended automation systems, devices, and technologies best suited for the client’s home. We pay close attention to the finer details, ensuring the integration of cutting-edge technology that blends seamlessly with the client’s preferences.

Adaptability and Customisation:

We understand that every home is unique, so our solutions are tailored to adapt and cater to the specific requirements of each space. We customise our offerings to suit the client’s lifestyle and preferences, incorporating features such as voice-controlled lighting, intelligent climate control, and advanced security measures.

Transparent Review and Approval Process:

Before implementation, we present the proposed plan to the client for feedback, revisions, and final approval. Our commitment to transparency means the client is integral to the decision-making process. We work with them to iterate on the plan until it perfectly aligns with their expectations.

Fine tuning plans

3. Management

Strategic Project Planning:

With a comprehensive plan in place, we craft a detailed project schedule encompassing installation, testing, and integration phases to ensure a structured approach to project management.

Skilled Execution:

Our team of skilled professionals takes charge of the implementation process. They meticulously install and configure the automation systems, ensuring precision and high-quality workmanship throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Proactive Communication:

We believe in maintaining consistent communication with our clients. Regular updates and progress reports help keep them informed and address concerns promptly.

4. Completion

Rigorous Testing and Assurance:

Before concluding the project, we conduct thorough testing and quality assurance checks on all automated systems. This rigorous process ensures that every system is functional, reliable, and seamlessly integrated into the client’s home environment.

Client Training and Empowerment:

We provide comprehensive training sessions to our clients, guiding them to use the automated systems to their fullest potential.

Continuous Support and Handover:

Upon completion, we hand over the fully automated home to our clients. Our commitment doesn’t end there. We offer continuous support, maintenance, and troubleshooting services, ensuring a hassle-free experience long after the installation.


5. Maintain

Regular System Check-ups:

Carbon Integration understands the importance of regular maintenance in preserving the functionality and longevity of automated systems. We offer periodic check-ups to ensure that all systems are operating optimally. These check-ups encompass software updates, hardware inspections, and performance evaluations.

Proactive Troubleshooting:

Our team provides proactive troubleshooting support if there are any glitches or issues. Our experts swiftly address concerns, minimising downtime and disruptions to the automated systems within the home.

Adaptation to Evolving Technologies:

Technology evolves rapidly. Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the initial installation. We stay abreast of the latest advancements in home automation and offer recommendations for upgrades or enhancements that could further elevate the home’s efficiency and functionality.

Extended Warranty and Support:

We stand by the quality of our installations. As a testament to our confidence in our work, we offer extended warranties on the systems installed. Additionally, our support doesn’t cease with the warranty period; we continue to provide assistance and guidance, ensuring our clients have peace of mind.

Client-Centric Support:

Our support team can always address any questions or concerns after installation. Whether it’s technical assistance, system upgrades, or advice on expanding the automation network, we are dedicated to providing prompt and client-centric support.

By incorporating a comprehensive “Maintain” section, Carbon Integration ensures that our commitment to excellence extends beyond the installation phase. We aim to create sophisticated automated spaces and sustain their efficiency and functionality for the long term, providing our clients with a seamless and hassle-free experience throughout their automation journey.

In essence, Carbon Integration’s home automation process is a journey that combines innovation, expertise, and client-centricity. Our commitment is to deliver home automation that transforms living spaces into intelligent, efficient, and delightful environments that cater to each client’s unique lifestyle and preferences. 

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Approved Installers

We are certified London dealers & approved installers.


5 Star reviews

To date, have received 5* reviews on Facebook and Google.


Maintenance & support

We provide responsive, reliable, and proactive support.


Workmanship guarantee

We offer a guarantee on all our projects.


System experts

We know everything there is to know about our partnered systems.


Over 10 years experience

Delivering high-end lighting solutions for over 10 years!


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Our process



Let’s discuss your ideas, and we’ll help you plan your project.



We’ll create the technical designs and drawings required.



We’ll be on-site to ensure the project runs smoothly.



We manage the project from start to finish – hassle free.

Steps Of An Installation

Initial Call to Discuss

Initial call to discuss

Assessing your needs and requirements and determining the scope of your installation.

Fine tuning plans

Fine-tuning plans

Further refining and selection of devices/finishes.

Creative mockups

Creative mock-ups

Creating a 3D rendering of your space, so you can see exactly how everything is going to work.



Network set up and physically installing and connecting the devices in their designated locations.



Your installation will be extremely reliable. However, like all technology, systems need regular software updates, monitoring and maintenance to keep them functioning at their best. Our aftercare plan will help with this if you need it.


Smart home installation

Media wall installation

Multi-room audio installation