Multi Room Audio System Installation in London

Play high-quality sound through concealed or visible speakers throughout your home. Play different music in every room or if you’re hosting, you can have the same music playing in each room. Featuring Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and more. This can all be controlled from one single app or remote.

Multi Room Audio System Installation in London​

Carbon Integration are revolutionising mulit-room audio system installation, bringing together smart technology and exquisite designs together to create a simple, easy-to-use modern home. 

Your Music Where You Want, When You Want.​

Your Music Where You Want, When You Want

In-ceiling, in-wall, bookshelf, floor-standing, any to suit your living space, your desires and especially your taste in sound – the choice is yours and the options are near enough limitless.


  • Control through any device, keypad or touchscreen
  • Play different music in every room
  • Play Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube & More 

Our Google reviews

Tony Hursey
We were recommended Carbon Integration for our home cinema project & control 4. On-site, Jeevan has been a pleasure to deal with and his entire team works diligently to get the job done. Everything is left incredibly clean and presentable after work has been carried out. We had some initial back and forth around designs but I’m glad we listened to the team’s recommendations in the end. I’d highly recommend these guys!
David Francis
We had an existing Lutron lighting system that needed upgrading that was 10+ years old. Jeevan at Carbon came over after finding them on google to assess our current system. We were offered a couple of different options, a partial upgrade or a complete upgrade, and both options were excellently explained in terms even I could understand. We decided to go with the complete upgrade, great work guys. Smart lighting at it's best!
Chris Isaacson
Working with Carbon Integration has been a pleasure. They are all so accommodating and professional, offering brilliant advice and smart home maintenance. We have had work carried out by them since 2015 and carried on having small bits of work here and there, and they've always been at the end of a phone to help.
Liam Stockley
Our main contractor initially brought Carbon to advise on our project in Gerrards Cross. They installed a Control4 system to control the whole home. It is so nice not to have a million and one remotes to control different items and one system that can control them all. I highly recommend the guys over at Carbon; working with them has felt like a real collaboration from start to finish. Thanks, Indi!
Ambrosial London
I wasn't sure about all the work my husband wanted to have done on a media room, but I have to admit it was well worth it! Watching movies at home now is better than going to the cinema! Brilliant work, guys. Thanks so much.
Ben Jones
Smart installed a multi-room video and audio system for us. Excellent service and very professional from start to finish. Highly recommended.
Fiaz Iqbal
Amazing company, very helpful and friends, would highly recommend. The team installed a state of the art sound system in bar/restaurant and followed up with great aftercare when needed.
ARJM Trehan
Met Indy and Jeevan around 6 years ago by accident. Turned out to be fabulous! They totally changed our initial lighting plans for the better. Installed a Gira KNX system with some fancy light switches and app. The guys are fantastic and are always on hand with any issues or upgrades. I highly recommend them.
Hugh Villiers
Top people - Always busy so they can take time to get to your issue but once there it is solved. Highly recommended
Anthony Wrigley
Excellent Service from Smart Property Automation which is run by two brothers. They are extremely knowledgeable professional and reliable and always courteous and respond quickly. I would not hesitate to thoroughly recommend them and we've been using them for over 5 years now and they have an excellent track record with us. Anthony & Yai Wrigley

Multi-Room Audio System Installation Benefits

Installing a multi-room audio system can offer several benefits, enhancing your overall audio experience and home entertainment setup. Here are some advantages of having a multi-room audio system:

  1. Flexibility and Convenience:
    Independent Control – You can simultaneously play different audio sources in different rooms, allowing family members to listen to their preferred music or content without interference.
    Centralised Control – Many systems can be controlled through a central hub or a smartphone app, providing easy access and managing the entire audio system.

  2. Enhanced Entertainment Experience:
    Immersive Surround Sound – With speakers strategically placed in various rooms, you can create a more immersive and enveloping audio experience, especially when syncing speakers for a surround sound setup.
    Seamless Transitions – Move from room to room without missing a beat. The audio can seamlessly transition between zones, ensuring continuity.

  3. Increased Home Value:
    A professionally installed multi-room audio system can add value to your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers. A sophisticated audio setup can be a selling point for tech-savvy homebuyers.

  4. Reduced Clutter:
    Since multi-room audio systems often use wireless technology, you can avoid the need for extensive wiring and clutter associated with traditional audio setups. This makes for a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing living space.

  5. Energy Efficiency:
    Many modern multi-room audio systems incorporate energy-saving features. For instance, they can automatically power down when not in use, helping to conserve energy.

  6. Customisation and Scalability:
    You can customise the system according to your preferences, choosing speakers, amplifiers, and sources that best suit your needs. The system is often scalable, allowing you to expand it over time by adding more speakers or integrating new technologies without a complete overhaul.

  7. Party Mode and Grouping:
    Easily synchronise all speakers in the house for a party or event using a “party mode” feature. You can also group specific rooms to play the same audio simultaneously.

  8. Integration with Smart Home Systems:
    Many multi-room audio systems can integrate with smart home systems, allowing you to control audio along with other smart devices using voice commands or a central automation hub.

  9. Distributed Audio:
    Spread audio evenly throughout your home, ensuring that everyone can enjoy high-quality sound, whether in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

  10. Personalised Listening Zones:
    Create personalised listening zones where individuals can listen to their favourite content without disturbing others in different parts of the house.

Keep in mind that the specific benefits may vary depending on the brand and features of the multi-room audio system you choose.

Multi-room audio system installation benefits
Professional Multi Room Audio System Installation In London​

Professional Multi Room Audio System Installation In London

We are authorised dealers of Control4SavantLutron, KNX, CrestronRako, Gira and Basalte integrators and use these control systems to bring together everything you need for your multi room audio systems installation. At Carbon Integration we use powerful, robust control systems for your audio system installation to control the whole room. 

Founded in 2010 in London, Carbon Integration is a recognised market leader and helps homeowners, architects, designers and high-end builders bring technology into their projects with a core focus on working with their client’s vision, needs and resources in mind. 

Steps Of A Multi Room Audio System Installation

Initial Call to Discuss

Initial call to discuss

Assessing your needs and requirements and determining the scope of your installation.

Fine tuning plans

Fine-tuning plans

Further refining and selection of devices/finishes.

Creative mockups

Creative mock-ups

Creating a 3D rendering of your space, so you can see exactly how everything is going to work.



Network set up and physically installing and connecting the devices in their designated locations.



Your installation will be extremely reliable. However, like all technology, systems need regular software updates, monitoring and maintenance to keep them functioning at their best. Our aftercare plan will help with this if you need it.

Book Your Multi Room Audio System Installation​

Book Your Multi Room Audio System Installation

Our Head Office is based in Uxbridge (West London) within Greater London but we can cover any area in the UK. We also have a smart home showroom in Sunningdale, Berkshire to showcase our system integrations. 

If you want to have a chat about your multi room audio system installation requirements, please call us on 0207 190 9552 or e-mail us on via our contact form.



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