Virginia Water

About Project

Nestled amid Virginia Water’s peaceful scenery, the property is a testament to the seamless integration of tech innovation and luxurious comfort. The masterful work carried out by a skilled team brought forth a state-of-the-art home cinema room adorned with a commanding OLED screen, setting the stage for unparalleled visual immersion.

The installation of Control4 smart lighting systemshas transformed the ambience at the touch of a button, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Utilising the intuitive Control4 remote and touchscreen, managing the lighting becomes an effortless experience, offering personalised control tailored to individual preferences.

Beyond the home cinema’s confines, multi-room audio solutions‘ integration spans the entirety of the estate, weaving a symphony of sound throughout each space. With Control4 touchscreens strategically placed, the power to orchestrate the audio landscape rests comfortably within the homeowner’s fingertips, allowing them to curate an audio journey that resonates throughout the property.

This meticulous integration of cutting-edge technology, with the seamless interfacing of Control4 systems, has elevated the living experience within this Virginia Water property to new heights, merging sophistication with ease of control and elevating the definition of modern luxury living.

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